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Megabytecoin Cryptofaucet

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Only fixed 0.05 MGB faucet claims once per 54 minutes are allowed at the moment!

MGB Crypto faucet is currently an experimental software under development, and we strongly advise you to treat this feature of the MGB website solely from this point of view.

The service is provided on "as is" basis, thus we (MGB Team) are not responsible for any malfunctions of the faucet and/or any consequences that those malfunctions might entail on your software, hardware or your mood ;) Use it on your own risk!

Carefully check MGB address you pass on to faucet if you want to get the coins!

Freebies Guide:

Enter or paste your desired MGB address to the field below, then click on the "Send your MGB address" button. Wait until the timer reaches zero and solve a CAPTCHA. Within a short time after that, you will get a faucet payment to the specified address. Only 1 request from 1 IP address at a time is allowed! Do not try to cheat the faucet! Remember that cheaters don't get gifts from Santa Claus and don't get to Paradise! :)

Faucet balance: MGB
Donations to the faucet : mJTF1rbRn749YJz6KxVQY4GKHhZNPk2S56