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Starting invite competition

Starting invite competition

Hello, MGB community! 

We want to greatly expand our community, to spread the word about our project! So we are starting invite competition (2nd invite bounty) in our Discord channel !

The prizes will be awarded to top 10 participants as followed:

1st Place: 50 MGB

2nd Place: 40 MGB

3rd Place: 30 MGB

4th Place: 20 MGB

5th Place: 15 MGB

6th Place: 12 MGB

7th Place: 9 MGB

8th Place: 7 MGB

9th Place: 5 MGB

10th Place: 3 MGB

Rules: — The duration of the campaign — 15 days (ends on 15.03.2019 23:59 UTC). — NO minimum eligibility! — Fake invites will be disqualified!

You can check your invites in #invite-bounty using !invites command or !top to check the top rating only.

Please set your invite link to NEVER EXPIRE.

We will ignore all links that are already expired at the end of the competition.

Multiple invite links from the same person will also be counted. Good luck, guys and gals!

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