Info Megabyte coin:  1 MGB = 0.00000017 BTC     VOL: 0 BTC

About blockchain platform MeGaBytecoin (MGB)

About blockchain platform MeGaBytecoin (MGB)

It's hard to imagine our lives without the film making industry. We watch our favorite films repeatedly with glee, discover old movies and look forward to new film releases. Sometimes we have no chance to watch a good movie. The blockchain platform is specially designed to let mainstream video users watch films via P2P network between player-wallets.

It is similar to the torrent network. The only difference is MGB coins, which enable users to get benefits from the views.

Each MGB user can easily share his/her videos and view other available video clips.

The blockchain helps to find relevant video files according to the name and description. The network is decentralized, which gives competitive advantage over client-server based networks.

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